How to Make a YouTube Channel Trailer — 6 Step Checklist

2021-Jun-11 my summary
2019-Jun Checklist video posted


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My summary of the video follows after it as it relates to my own YouTube channel.

Points Sean and Benji Make About a Trailer

They recommend the trailer be less than 2 minutes long.

When a person lands on your channel:

The 6 Step Checklist

  1. Start with the qualifying question.
    Do you want how-to's about software and hardware that are:
    and be happy using them?
  2. Introduce yourself and build credibility.
    1. 40 years of software/hardware experience - from when a portable computer was a luggable 18lbs/8.2kg to today's laptops weighing a few pounds ~ about 4lbs/2kgs
    2. it took me 9 years - from 1974-1983 - to get my 3 year B.Sc. in Math
    3. I dropped/failed out of university twice before I got my sheepskin
    4. over those 40 years I've been through 5 major changes in software development and huge improvements in hardware and communication and the rise of the Internet:
      1. programming on MS-DOS - character-based - computers in the 1980s
      2. Windows programming in the 90s & 2000s - GUI - Graphic User Interface
      3. website development starting mid-90s - static pages
      4. web 2.0 with better browser programming with database access
      5. HTML5/CSS3/Javascript standardizes and mobile development becomes the norm the last few years
    5. I've been bankrupt once
    6. I've been fired from 3 programming jobs
    7. I've walked out of job interviews because the interviewer didn't know what they were talking about - one guy called HTML a programming language
  3. Show - don't just tell.
    You want/need to entertain your visitor.
    You don't want to be just a talking head.
    Show people clips of what they may expect:
    1. how to buy used laptops - freegeektoronto's laptops for sale
    2. how to design user interfaces - vs
    3. how to fix a sick laptop - show sick laptop
    4. how to add more email addresses to your domain
    5. how to setup a home office
           standing desk - ripoff - get up and move
           I like a messy desk
           don't hide cables
    6. how to install and setup Bluefish text editor
  4. State your value proposition.
    posting how-to's
    opinions - why Apple has 1% of the desktop market today instead of 100%

    When will I post videos?
    When time allows?

    Subscribe so you will be told when the next video is available.

  5. Share your "why".
    Why are you doing a YouTube channel?
    Because so many online how-to's are so full of ads you can't tell the real stuff from the garbage.

    I want to make clean videos - as Sgt. Joe Friday said "All we want are the facts, ma'am".

  6. Give a clear and quality call to action.
    "If you've liked what I've been saying hit the Subscribe button and turn Notifications On so you don't miss any of my videos."

    Under the DISCUSSION heading leave a comment about what how-to you want to see now!