Pin txt file to Notepad List



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  1. You have Notepad pinned to your Taskbar.

  2. Do a right-click on Notepad to see a pop-up menu of the list of last used text files and any pinned files. Any pinned files are shown at the top of the list.

  3. I want to pin the 442aDufferin2022-09-02-1700 file to the list. When the pointer is moved over the file name a tooltip appears showing the location of the file.

  4. Right-click on 442aDufferin2022-09-02-1700 to show a pop-up menu. On this list is the option Pin to this list. Click it.

  5. Under the Pinned heading you see 442aDufferin2022-09-02-170... added.

  6. To remove 442aDufferin2022-09-02-170... from the Pinned list Right-click on 442aDufferin2022-09-02-170... to see a pop-up menu. On this list is the option Unpin from this list. Click it.

  7. 442aDufferin2022-09-02-170... is moved to the lower list.

  8. Done.