Install Wampserver64 3.2.3 (64bit)



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WampServer is a Windows web development environment. It allows you to create web applications with Apache2, PHP and a MySQL/MariaDB database. It includes phpMyAdmin to allow you to manage your databases.

Download the installation exe from:
WampServer Website

Steps to Installing Wampserver64

  1. Start installation by running installation exe file.
  2. Pick your language and click   OK  .
  3. Read the agreement.
  4. Accept the agreement and click   Next  :
  5. Check for requirements.
  6.   c:\wamp64   meets the requirement, click   Next  .

  7. Check components to be installed. When you are ready, click   Next  .

  8. When you are happy with the   Start Menu   folder, click   Next  .
  9. Check what is to be installed. If you are happy with the components, click   Next  .
  10. Wait for installation process. Don't go away - if an error message pops up you will need to deal with it. It takes under   10 minutes  .
  11. You are presented with which browser Wampserver will use. The default is   Internet Explorer  . It will be better to use   Chrome   since it has the largest market share. Click   Yes   to use another browser.
  12. Choosing another browser. ie. Chrome:
      c:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe  
  13. You are presented with which text editor Wampserver will use. The default is   Notepad  . Click   Yes   to use another text editor. Or click   No   to continue installation.
  14. You may get several   MSVCR120.dll not found   errors during installation. After checking I found   MSVCR120.dll   was there - the process was not able to find it. Since this error involved   mysqld.exe   - the MySQL database - I found not running it solved the problem. Later in these steps I show to stop using MySQL.

    Click   OK   on each error message.

  15. Installation finished. Click   Finish  .
  16.   Wampserver64   on the Start Menu. Click   Wampserver64   to start it.
  17. Oops! Wampserver icon is orange. Moving the pointer over the icon shows the message:   local server - 2 of 3 services running  .
    The 3 services are:
  18. I tried making MySQL use another port without success.
  19. Got the   System Error   message about   mysqld.exe   and   MSVCP120.dll   not being found.
  20. Failed to install VC package because another version already installed.
  21. Wampserver icon is orange so   right-click   on it.
  22. A small menu pops open. Move   pointer   over   Wamp Settings   and another menu pops open.
  23. Click on   Allow MySQL   to remove the   green checkmark  .
  24. Wampserver icon is orange so   click   on it.
  25. Click on   Restart All Services  .
  26. Wampserver is now green. I'll use MariaDb until I have to change to MySQL.
  27. Done.