How to Change Image Text to Text



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On a Windows 10 pc with Microsoft's Edge browser installed, use the following steps to convert text in an image into a format that can be copied and pasted into an editor:
  1. Have the text to convert visible on the screen:

    The sample to be used is a photo with a caption shown on a website. Have the caption of the photo visible:

  2. Click Magnifying Glass (Search) to right of Start menu.

  3. In the window that opens, scroll down to the bottom - you want to be looking at the lower-right corner.

  4. When the mouse pointer is over the funny symbol the message/tooltip Search with a screenshot will appear.

    Click it.

  5. After clicking Search with a screenshot, there will be a few seconds before the screen dims and the mouse pointer changes to a white +

  6. The + is used to outline the area with the text to be changed to an editable format.

    This is done by doing in one action:
    1. Click and hold the left mouse button...
    2. Drag the resulting rectangle so it encloses the text you want to grab
    3. When you have the text you want inside the rectangle - let go the left mouse button
  7. When the left mouse button is released and after several seconds a window appears showing the message Searching for similar images on the web...


  8. After a wait Edge opens with the image on the left and the text wanted on the right:

  9. Scroll down a bit until you can see the Copy text button. Click the Copy text button.
  10. Copy text changes to Text copied for a second then back to Copy text
  11. Go to the editor you want and Paste the text.
  12. I've pasted it into Notepad. There's some cleanup to be done.

  13. Done.