How to Stretch Your Hips After Sitting for aWhile



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  1. Lunge
    1. With one knee on the ground, get into a lunge position.
    2. Then squeeze your bum and push your hips forward to get a nice stretch in the front of one hip.
    3. Switch sides.
    4. Create more sensation by raising the arm on the side of your lowered knee.

  2. Knee hugs
    1. Lying down, raise one knee to your chest and stretch the other leg out.
    2. Hug your knee to your chest and feel the stretch on the extended hip.

      Keep your extended leg glued to the floor/bed.

      If it lifts, lessen the hug on the bent knee.
    3. Switch sides.
    4. If you’re on a bed, you can leverage gravity for a deeper stretch:

      Dangle your straight leg over the bed and let the weight of it pull your hip out.

  3. Lying quad stretch
    1. Lie down on your side.
    2. Then, reach your top leg back, grab onto your ankle and pull it toward your bum .

      (imagine you’re doing a quad stretch, but horizontal).
    3. Switch sides.