-used to record interactions with Customers when they ask for help or advice: ie. Sales or Support
-A Case can be created, updated when a User is working on it, assigned to a colleague and closed when resolved
-At each stage of the Case the User can track and update the incoming and outgoing conversation thread so a clear record of what has occurred is registered in the CRM.
-Cases can be related to individual records such as Accounts, Contacts and Bugs.

Cases Field List

Label/Field Name Required Type Notes
1 ID Yes ID
2 Subject Yes Name
3 DateCreated Date/Time
4 DateModified Date/Time
5 Modified By Name Relationship - Users
6 Created By Relationship - Users
7 Descriptioin TextArea
8 Assigned To Relationship - Users
9 Number Yes Integer
10 Type Drop Down List
11 Status Dynamic Drop Down List
12 Priority Drop Down List
13 Resolution TextArea
14 Account Name Yes Relationship - Accounts
15 Update Text TextArea
16 Internal Update CheckBox
17 State Drop Down List
18 Case Updates Threaded function