Official Documentation

-can be a very powerful marketing and advertising tool
-create and track Newsletter, Email and non-email Campaigns to prospective or existing customers
-With the tracking tools built into the Campaign module you can monitor the response you receive from your Campaign in real time, allowing you to view the return on investment (ROI) and many other useful metrics
-This in turn helps plan strategic marketing and advertising activities effectively by visualising which Campaigns work and which do not.

Overview of a Campaign

Available Actions:

Overview of Campaign Wizard:

  1. click Create Campaign

  2. choose kind of Campaign:

    • Newsletter
    • Email
    • non-email based (usually phone)

  3. give Campaign:

    • Name
    • Status
    • Description

  4. For type of Campaign:
    • for a Newsletter Campaign only: Subscription info -> Target List:

      • Subscription List
      • Unsubscription List
      • Test List

    • for Email and Non-Email Campaigns: set Target List

  5. set/create Email Template for Newsletter (include Tracker URL - a link to website or a product/service web page)
    -an Opt Out link is automatically included
    -can use variables for things like names

  6. For both Newsletter and Email campaigns - go to Templates page
    if creating a template: a WYSIWYG editor is made available
    -can include attachments

    a non-Email campaign goes to Summary Page

  7. Marketing Page:

    • Marketing Email Name
    • Bounce Handling Account
    • Outgoing Email Account
    • Schedule Date & Time
    • From Name
    • From Address

  8. Summary Page has checklist of steps completed/to be done when all steps completed - choose 1 of 3 options:

    • Send Mail at Scheduled Time
    • Send Marketing Email as Test
    • Detail View

After Campaign Executed:

There is Response Tracking - an overview of responses:

Further refine Target Lists by creating new Target Lists

Campaign ROI Tracking