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💨 by Eugene Ruthven

Bookmarks Exported Example

Why Do This?

These days we spend most of our time - if not all of it - online in a web browser.

If you're like me you've bookmarked hundreds of websites/pages.

What if something happens to your computer? Dies? Stolen? Virus?

Aside from losing your files that were on that lost computer what about all that time invested bookmarking?


Unless you've taken a few minutes to back them up - export them - to allow moving and installing on another computer's Firefox ...

You'd be so screwed!!!

Export your Firefox bookmarks now and get that file off that computer, do:

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. In upper-right corner of Firefox window, click 4th icon from right - called Library - position mouse over it to show a tooltip that says:
    View history, saved bookmarks, and more
  3. A menu opens below Library icon when it is clicked.
  4. At top of that menu see Bookmarks - click it
  5. Another menu opens to replace it.
  6. At the bottom of this menu see: Show All Bookmarks - click it.
  7. A new window opens and in its upper-left corner it says Library.
  8. On the line below Library, 3rd or 4th title from the left side you see:
    Import and Backup
  9. A menu opens below Import and Backup.
  10. The 4th item on that menu you see:
    Export Bookmarks to HTML...
  11. Click on:
    Export Bookmarks to HTML...
  12. Another window opens - in its upper-left corner you see:
    Export Bookmarks File
  13. At the bottom of that window to right of title: File name: you see a space that contains:
    in white text with a blue background.

    I recommend changing:

    yyyy 4 numbers for current year
    mm 2 numbers for current month jan would be 01, oct 11
    dd 2 numbers for today 01, 02, .... 28, 29, 30, 31
    hh 2 numbers for current hour using 24 hour clock 01, 02, ... 23
    mm 2 numbers for current minute using 01, 02, ... 59 include leading zero if only one digit

    This allows you to know when the file was created just by the file name.
  14. On the line below window's title: Export Bookmarks File note the folder in which the file will be saved ie. This PC > Documents

    This is to allow you to find the file again.

  15. In the Export Bookmarks File window , in the lower-right corner you see the button Save    click it
  16. The file is saved and the Export Bookmarks File window closes.
  17. Close Library window by clicking the x in its upper-right corner.

    You will know when you have your mouse are in the right position when the background of x changes to red x

  18. Return to using Firefox.
  19. Done!!

🏆 🎈 The End!!! 🏁 📣