Blank VC++ Packages Table To Track Installation


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I've installed Wampserver several times - a few times on new Windows 10 installations. I've had to install VC++ packages every time. Before installing Wampserver run the   check_vcredist.exe   tool.

WampServer is a Windows-based web development platform for dynamic web applications using Apache2/PHP/MySQL/MariaDB. It includes phpMyAdmin to manage MySQL/MariaDB databases: WampServer 3.2.3

To verify that all VC ++ packages are installed and with the latest versions, you can use the tool:

and you will find all the packages on

This is a live table.

📝   Note  : The live table's checkbox settings are saved to the localStorage of the pc on which table is on. The checkbox settings are restored when the page is refreshed. You can start and stop package installation.

VC++ Packages
# To Do Started Done Package .exe file
1 VC 2008 SP1 Package (x86) vcredist_2008_sp1_x86.exe
2 VC 2008 SP1 ATL Package (x86) vcredist_2008_sp1_atl_x86.exe
3 VC 2008 SP1 MFC Package (x86) vcredist_2008_sp1_mfc_x86.exe
4 VC 2010 SP1 Package (x86) vcredist_2010_sp1_x86.exe
5 VC 2012 Update 4 (x86) vcredist_2012_upd4_x86.exe
6 VC 2013 Package Up 5 (x86) vcredist_2013_upd5_x86.exe
7 VC 2015-2019 (VC16 x86) 14.29.30040 vcredist_2019_x86.exe
8 VC 2008 SP1 Package (x64) vcredist_2008_sp1_x64.exe
9 VC 2008 SP1 ATL Package (x64) vcredist_2008_sp1_atl_x64.exe
10 VC 2008 SP1 MFC Package (x64) vcredist_2008_sp1_mfc_x64.exe
11 VC 2010 SP1 Package (x64) vcredist_2010_sp1_x64.exe
12 VC 2012 Up 4 (x64) vcredist_2012_upd4_x64.exe
13 VC 2013 Up 5 (x64) vcredist_2013_upd5_x64.exe
14 VC 2015-2019 (VC16 x64) 14.29.30040 vcredist_2019_x64.exe