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 FUN  to me is solving problems using web programming, databases and HTML instruction sheets.

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The Junction, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Paudash/Ruthven Pics
Pictures from Paudash Lake/Ruthven History Early 1940s to 1960s
updated 2021-Jan-23 The 15 Best App Development Books of 2020
by Oliver Lindberg
2 points he makes:
1. Develop apps more efficiently
2. Make apps faster, more scalable, secure, and inclusive
I've looked over the list and these are the ones I'd look at:
1. Modern Full-Stack Development
2. JavaScript Everywhere
9. Programming Flutter
10. Hands-On JavaScript High Performance
11. Developing Inclusive Mobile Apps
12. Web Application Security
13. The Web App Testing Guidebook
15. The Coding Career Handbook
Bonus: Start Freelancing Today, an ebook by Shopify Plus partner Kelly Vaughn.
Web Site Accessibility
I made the mistake of thinking about accessible web sites. This led to a variety of sources for standards. I've made a start on basic rules.
I wanted a particular HTML orangey red color. I had a hard time deciding which one. So I made this web app to compare pairs of colors. I'd keep the color I liked better and throw away the other. I'd get the next color and repeat this until I got my final choice. This was easy and quick.
Reference Main Page
Reference pages for HTML, CSS, how-to's
Rosie Print File
Download an attachment from Outlook website to thumb drive on a Fedora Linux computer.
count them contacts
mobile web application
Toronto Beaches Water Quality (July/August)
mobile web application
Add Gray Map Marker in Android Studio

Orphaned Power Adaptors Inventory

Adding Adaptor to Inventory

Web-based app (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, php, MySQL) for managing hundreds of orphaned power adaptors.

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